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About this course

This course looks at using the other three programming languages, Sequential Function Chart (SFC), Function Block Diagram (FB) and Structured Text (ST). It incorporates a number of short exercises including messaging, produced and consumed tags. The integration project involves programming and commissioning a Skills Lab training platform to complete a set scope of work using a SFC and the native ST inside of the chart itself.

As this course does not map directly to a formal unit of competency, it does not follow the same structure as the previous short courses. The theory is embedded within the practical exercises and there are no formal assessments. Nevertheless, you should find this course both challenging and rewarding!



It is recommended for:

  • Entry level engineers

  • Technician

  • Tradespeople

  • Apprentices and maintenance teams

Operators participants should have an intermediate, hands-on understanding of the PLC in which they are looking to upskill.

We recommend that participants complete the PLC Intermediate course before enrolling in this course.

You will cover:

In this 4-day course, you will learn how to use the other 3 PLC programming languages:

  • Sequential Function Chart (SFC)

  • Function Block Diagram (FB)

  • Structured Text (ST)

At the end of the course, you will:
Program and commission a SAGE training platform to complete a set scope of work using each of these programming languages.

Available in: RSLogix5000



Course duration

4 days

Delivery options

Available as standard or customised. Can be offered on a client’s site for a minimum of 4, and maximum of 8 participants. You can be located anywhere with a good internet connection and ideally 2 screens to work from to book into this training. This online facilitated training operates at Australian Central Standard times.




Virtual training cost = $1,250+GST

Face-to-face training cost = $1,650+GST

Course dates

If you are interested in enrolling in our classes or virtual training, please contact us.


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