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UPDATE: Given the current uncertainty and social distancing advise around COVID-19, all upcoming courses will be delivered via our cyber physical training method to ensure everyone can still access specialist quality training from anywhere.

We're proud to announce brand new course dates for our most in demand courses including PLC, SCADA and Introduction to Automation. Also on scope, Australia's first national industry 4.0 training course, the Diploma of Applied Technologies.

Australia Wide Training Dates

We offer training in every state and territory in Australia:  

Darwin (NT) Training Dates 

Adding to our training delivery across Australia, we are excited to have a new lab in Darwin opening in December 2021! Training dates specific to our Darwin (Northern Territory) lab are: 

Course Name

Start End

Introduction to Automation

Mon 7 February 2022

Fri 11 February 2022

Intermediate PLC

Mon 7 March 2022

Fri 10 March 2022


Mon 4 April 2022

Thurs 7 April 2022

Process Control Block A 

Mon 9 May 2022 

Thurs 12 May 2022 

Process Control Block B

Mon 6 June 2022

Thurs 9 June 2022 

Introduction to Automation 

Mon 4 July 2022

Fri 8 July 2022 

Intermediate PLC 

Mon 8 August 2022

Thurs 11 August 2022


Mon 5 September 2022 

Thurs 8 September 2022 

Process Control block A

Mon 3 October 2022

Thurs 6 October 2022 

Process Control block B

Mon 7 November 2022

Thurs 10 November 2022  

Introduction to Automation

Mon 5 December 2022

Fri 9 December 2022 

Upskill today

Visit our course page to explore courses on offer and let us know your interests. All courses can be completed remotely via our cyber physical face to face technology. Contact us today for course details, question and enrollment! 

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