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Be Industry 4.0 ready

Industry 4.0 is the emerging fourth industrial revolution; the next stage in manufacturing. Driven by digitalisation, it connects the impact of emerging technologies and digitalisation across all industries such as energy, transport and infrastructure. Automation and big data analytics are transforming the manufacturing industry, driving new business opportunities through integration with the global supply chain.


Course Overview

The Diploma of Applied Technologies provides the skills and knowledge required for individuals to undertake para-professional technical roles within Industry 4.0 manufacturing and/or engineering environments. In these roles, individuals have the skills and knowledge to use digitalisation techniques that merge traditional and emerging technologies, from product design through to manufacture.


Participants will use a systems approach to troubleshoot every aspect of the ‘smart factory’ and they incorporate concepts of innovation and change to achieve tangible outcomes. They have extensive knowledge of Industry 4.0, customisation, and product life cycle management.



Course Outcome

This course is intended to provide participants with a range of knowledge and skills to perform the following functions associated with Industry 4.0 manufacturing and/or engineering environments including:

  • Understanding the concepts and principles of Industry 4.0 within own organisational objectives
  • Working collaboratively and effectively in multidisciplinary, virtual and multinational teams
  • Contributing to the development of improvement solutions
  • Applying project life cycle management processes
  • Interpreting, developing and managing technical documentation
  • Producing components using CAD and CAM technologies
  • Understanding the limitations of working with electrical systems within scope of own role
  • Working with the fundamentals of cloud computing, databases and SCADA
  • Installing and configuring a basic network for engineering and manufacturing applications
  • applying troubleshooting responses for a range of advanced technology systems used for engineering and manufacturing applications, including cyber physical, digital and industrial control systems.

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Receive university credit through the Diploma of Applied Technologies.


UniSA Online has partnered with Skills Lab to provide graduates of the Diploma of Applied Technologies the opportunity to advance their higher education journey.

Learners who complete the Diploma of Applied Technologies are eligible to receive course credit for any of the following three UniSA Online qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Data Analytics
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Associate Degree in Engineering


Partnering with UniSA Online ensures that any Skills Lab Diploma of Applied Technologies participants wishing to advance their higher education goals can do so, whatever their career stage.

Skills Lab is thrilled to partner with UniSA Online, who continually demonstrate their passion for lifelong learning and discovering what is possible through connected and advanced technologies.



Course duration

The Diploma of Applied Technologies is delivered over a
period of at 1-2 years.

The hands-on training is delivered in weekly blocks
throughout the duration of the diploma.

Delivery options

Training and assessment will be by flexible delivery
combining self paced blended learning, one-on-one
learning, lab/site based performance activities. Skills Lab
will deliver training in our lab, cyber physically, or on site
where facilities are available and support the learning

The learning schedule (including Workshops, Learning
Management System/Online Units) has been sequenced
to build on the development of skills, knowledge and
understanding, relevant to the job role.

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Full-fee cost: $21,000


Funding available 

All Skills Lab courses are offered nationally however funding differs from state to state.
Please see the links below for the state that you live or work in:


Course dates 

Course dates are available via the Skills Lab Course Dates page.




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Ty Osborne, Technical Support Manager – Mine Automation at Sandvik, spoke at the QLD TAFE launch
of The Diploma of Applied Technologies and discussed how the course will enable him to bridge the skills gap in the workforce.


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