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Skills Lab has partnered with the NSW government to offer subsidised courses for school leavers

Skills Lab are offering three courses as part of this Summer Skills initiative to support school leavers and young people aged 16-24 in building the skills required to be successful in modern industry. 



*Applications close 31st December, 2021*


Our Courses

Accredited Courses

Build your team's skills across a
broad range of equipment with our
accredited courses.

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Short Course Accredited

Build your team's skills across a broad
range of equipment with our industry-
designed, non-accredited short courses. 

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The Skills Lab Difference 

We’ve proudly developed training programs for teams in the defence, resources, utilities, energy, manufacturing and transport sectors - equipping them with the skills and knowledge to create a smarter, safer future and a better world.

Our training is structured so that teams can manage their workload while our experts prepare them, and your organisation, for future challenges.

As a learner, you'll have access to the best thinking in industrial automation, alongside our internationally-renowned, world-class training platforms. We’ll meet you onsite, deliver training in our dedicated labs or even via our cyber physical capability.

Combine your team’s potential and our trainers of tomorrow’s workforce through Skills Lab. Together, we'll change the world for the better.


Build your expertise

With help from some of the most experienced automation specialists in the business,
Skills Lab lets you build the future in a way that suits the needs of your organisation.




The Best Thinking

Access the best thinking from the SAGE Group of companies, known for leading the way by combining innovation and intelligence with the Internet of Things to reduce error, improve efficiency and increase safety.





Tailored Learning

A detailed needs analysis, to zero in on what’s required to optimise your team’s skills. Customised training delivered by industry peers. Training platforms featuring cutting-edge industrial technology. Insight into the latest industrial automation solutions.




Industry Training

Learn from experts who are experienced automation engineers, working daily to solve complex client problems. 



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