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Training for future jobs — Skills Lab announces Diploma of Applied Technologies

Skills Lab,

Leading the way in upskilling for the future, Skills Lab today launches the Diploma of Applied Technologies accredited course nationally.

Skills Lab, a SAGE Group company and Registered Training Organisation (RTO) will deliver the first of its kind diploma, designed with big data and digital transformation in mind.

To prepare employees for the demands of more digitally focused roles, companies are searching for flexible and highly relevant training. Skills Lab is the only industry-based RTO to deliver the Diploma of Applied Technologies course, offering a method of training that connects students with the latest technology, delivered by current in-industry engineers and technicians.

“As more organisations recognise the need to utilise big data, the ability to know where to start, who to ask, what technology could be used and what skills are required are often the first questions to emerge. Industry 4.0 is essentially the next industrial revolution we are entering, as a result of connected technology," said Laura Mabikafola, Skills Lab General Manager.

“This Diploma supports organisations to explore what problems or opportunities could be solved using technology. As such, this is not only an incredibly exciting, leading edge nationally accredited course, but highly beneficial for those organisations wanting to invest in building the skills needed to equip for the future,” said Ms Mabikafola.

Upskilling and re-skilling are critical focus areas for organisations as every industry embarks on their digital transformation journey. With the Diploma of Applied Technologies focusing on big data, particularly capturing, managing, interpreting and utilising that data to solve problems, Skills Lab is proud to help upskill for the future.

According to a recent McKinsey & Company survey, companies see upskilling their existing workers as an urgent business priority, with more than 65% nominating it as top 10 priority.

Skills Lab is excited to work with AI Group to bring the Diploma of Applied Technologies to market through the innovative collaborative delivery model.

Enrolments for the Diploma of Applied Technologies are now being accepted by Skills Lab. For the full course information, visit: Skills Lab Diploma of Applied Technologies

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