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About this course

For when you need highly advanced, bespoke training in a particular area or system.

It is recommended for people who are highly capable and have advanced knowledge, but want to gain some extra skills in a particular area, or for those who are experiencing a system change and need to increase their proficiency.

Coaching is an adhoc service in which participants gain access to a subject-matter expert who will come on-site to deliver a training solution tailored to the participant’s exact requirements. The coach can also work with participants on an active program or system, providing valuable mentoring while also making real contributions to the organisation.


The coach will work with participants closely, observing, guiding and imparting useful and directly applicable expertise, while being mindful of the learning outcomes and necessary knowledge required.

Delivery options

Available as customised only. We recommend one-on-one coaching for best learning outcomes.


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$200 - $300 per 90 minute session (pending coach). Hourly and daily costs are also available on request. Enquire about a free briefing session today, using the form below.

Course dates

As required - enquire about a free briefing session today.


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