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Defence Teaming Centre partners with Skills Lab for Defence Industry Leadership Program

Skills Lab,

The Australian defence landscape is rapidly evolving and as such, the demand for adept, forward-looking, and collaborative leadership has never been more important. Future leaders are essential to effectively steer through challenges, welcome innovation, and secure the defence industry's role in both national security and economic prosperity.

The challenge in Australia is the existing skills gap facing industry. New technologies bring significant change to how we work across our critical industries, meaning that having leaders to support the smooth integration of this technology is paramount. In addressing this challenge, the Defence Teaming Centre (DTC) partnered with Skills Lab to deliver an innovative training program to develop the next wave of leaders in defence.


Developing the leaders of tomorrow

Focused on connecting and supporting Australia's defence industry, DTC recognises that good leadership is essential to building a stronger defence industry in Australia. In upholding this ethos, the Defence Industry Leadership Program (DILP) was created to upskill emerging leaders within aligned defence industry organisations with the knowledge, skills and network needed to thrive.

DILP is a nine-month intensive program delivered through a successful collaboration between DTC and Skills Lab, a valued long-term DTC member. The program includes a series of workshops, presentations from senior defence industry specialists, site visits, overnight field trips, and a key research paper.


Structured around four integral pillars – self, organisation, industry, and community – the program attracts participants from diverse backgrounds, bringing unique qualifications, perspectives and experiences to the table.

Incorporating comprehensive training, mentorship, and networking opportunities, the program provides a view of the industry from the factory floor to the end users in Australia’s Armed Forces, developing the skills required to help build the future of Australia's sovereign industrial base. 

National accreditation through Skills Lab

Within DILP, Skills Lab delivers 12 accredited units, with successful participants walking away with a nationally recognised Diploma of Leadership and Management

“Skills Lab is proud to be supporting DTC in delivering a program that ensures high-quality leaders are embedded in the Australian workforce, equipping them with the necessary skills to adapt and lead others in a fast-changing work environment,” Skills Lab Executive General Manager, Laura Mabikafola said.

“This program has a strong focus on developing leadership through personal and professional development, leading critical and innovative thinking and practice, and effective teamwork.”


Designed specifically for the personal and professional development of aspiring future leaders in the defence industry, Skills Lab draws on the cross-pollination from other SAGE businesses working with the defence industry to collaboratively develop the DILP curriculum with DTC. This makes it highly relevant and immediately applicable.

DILP has seen participants from all levels of organisations and a wide range of sectors connected to the defence industry, including defence primes, SMEs, state and federal government agencies, professional services, and other connected industry sectors. 

Join the 300+ leaders shaping the future of defence

DILP has played a pivotal role in nurturing the personal and professional growth of more than 300 defence industry leaders since its establishment in 2010.

The leaders emerging from this program are supporting Australian organisations in effectively steering through challenges, welcoming innovation, and securing industry's role in both national security and economic prosperity.

With a focus on addressing the workforce development requirements of our aspiring upcoming leaders, the Defence Industry Leadership Program is highly regarded as the flagship leadership program for Australia's defence industry.