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Coke upskills staff through customised control systems training

Skills Lab,

Coca-Cola Amatil contacted SAGE Training (now Skills Lab) to upskill their staff through a customised control systems training program for their six manufacturing sites.


Project Summary

Industry - Manufacturing: Automation Training.

Outcome - We worked collaboratively to develop the training. The program improved the electrician's ability to independently diagnose and rectify equipment faults and production issues using the Siemens S7 as configured on the Krones lines at their sites. 

Capability - PLC training, customised training, Siemens S7 configured on Krones lines. 

Region - Australian National Training Delivery.



Client Testimonial

"In Learning and Development, there is always the risk of bringing in a new external vendor, but I am delighted with the outcome; it has been a really positive, collaborative experience".

- Michelle Ockers, CCA National Technical Capability Manager



Between 2010 and 2013, Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) installed 14 production lines with Krones Contiform and Contifill equipment in its six manufacturing sits across Australia. Siemens S7 is used on all of these lines, and has been configured by Krones for specific machine variants. 

CCA engaged us to deliver Siemens S7 training for their electrical and maintenance teams at each of the six production sites. National Maintenance Engineer for CCA, Matthew Hay, explains why:

“Whilst the majority of CCA Electricians had attended general Siemens S7 training courses, a need was identified to further develop their knowledge and skills on S7. The customisation of the training provided by SAGE to our specific line configuration brought a real relevance to the training experience.”

- National Maintenance Engineer, Matthew Hay



The training program was developed collaboratively and improved the electricians' abilities to independently diagnose and rectify equipment faults and production issues using the Siemens S7 as configured on the Krones lines at their sites. 

This training enabled students to:

  • Understand the structure of the S7 code on the specific Krones equipment on site.
  • Describe the process control with regards to machine programs, step numbers and phases, and how these are structured within the PLC.
  • Locate and monitor the status of any PLC input and output (both digital and analog)
  • Locate and understand all iPanel messaging control data (information, warning and alarm messages)
  • Understand how all ASi signals are mapped/interfaced in the PLC
  • Understand the PLC signals between Krones to Krones and 3rd party equipment




Training Delivered:

This course was delivered over three consecutive days and included:

  •  A facilitator-led classroom component with written course material to teach the PLC and HMI foundation skills required as well as the structure and workings of the Krones program.
  • A practical component which allowed students to respond to faults using a simulated PLC on a PC.
  • Valuable time out on the line applying their skills by monitoring specific areas of the line. 

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This training was delivered as SAGE Automation Training, which has since relaunched as 'Skills Lab' to expand its offering nationally and globally. As Sister companies, Skills Lab and SAGE Automation still draw upon the same pool of industry expertise to develop and deliver real skills development with a new resolve and a dedicated team of specialist trainers.