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Our response to coronavirus: supporting businesses to train workforce

Laura Mabikafola,

A number of our clients across the SAGE Group have been asking us about training: whether they should proceed, what is possible, or do they need to push their training back.

This has prompted us to look at what we can do to support organisations at this time in not only looking after their operational requirements, but also their most valuable asset – their people. 

Undoubtedly, organisations are being impacted by the current uncertainty in the market.  There is a clear need to be wise with their resources, whilst understanding that our Prime Minister is encouraging companies to continue to spend to aid and support our economy.  We understand that leaders want to ensure their communities (their teams, suppliers, clients, i.e. all stakeholders) are supported and that their organisations are also primed to maximise the upturn that will inevitably come.

As such, the following initiatives are now in effect and available through Skills Lab:

  • Flexible training delivery – we have redesigned/challenged our approach and have determined how to deliver online, virtual and workplace based training for 80-100% of all our customised courses and 55 accredited units (pending what equipment is available at workplaces determines the 20% gap). This means training can still happen, whilst respecting social distancing.

  • Optimising downtime – with many workers being asked to work remotely where possible, there is downtime occurring across some organisations. Rather than idle time being a cost to business, this could be an investment period in upskilling and maximising downtime.

  • Train now, pay in the new financial year – this allows organisations to budget for training and negotiate suitable and flexible payment plans.

We have the long-term in mind and are keen to support businesses through this challenging time over the short-medium term. If you'd like to chat about how we can work with you at this time, please feel free to contact me.

Laura Mabikafola
General Manager - Skills Lab