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Meet our Senior Industrial Automation Trainer Gary Allwood

Skills Lab,

One of the key advantages in using Skills Lab to train your teams and workforces, is that we use current engineers to deliver our courses. 

This means participants will gain highly relevant, and current knowledge - that is in touch with a rapidly evolving industry. 

We spoke to SAGE Systems Engineer Gary Allwood, to learn more about his dual role as a Senior Trainer at Skills Lab. 



Hi, my name is Gary, I'm the Senior Trainer here at Skills Lab. 

So my role within Skills Lab is as an industrial automation trainer.

I also have a role as a systems engineer. It's a dual-based role so I do roughly fifty percent training, fifty percent engineering. 

I really love the fact that I get exposure to both sides of the business, working for particular projects, getting hands-on experience doing some programming, working with the whole team right the way through project management, through to delivery and commissioning. 

And then I get to sort of impart some of that knowledge that I've gained onto the students when I'm delivering the training. 

I find it really rewarding, like I say, being very diverse. I get to travel all round the country to deliver training, and again get to hone my skills when I'm doing the engineering. 

It is a challenge having to do different tasks on a daily basis, and it does require having reasonable time management skills, but as I say, the benefits far outweigh the challenges. 

So anybody who is interested please feel free to contact myself of Laura Mabikafola and we look forward to welcoming you into Skills Lab.

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